Sweet ‘n Salty Select

sweet n salty selectA selective surge of sweet and salty sensations! Energy snacks are not always a one-flavor-fits-all thing. So when your Kar’s alarm goes off, get a little of everything with Kar’s Sweet ‘n Salty Select. The chocolate and fruits jump-start your battery while the sustaining power of protein keeps you going all day long. They’re also a source of protein, fiber and iron. So don’t limit yourself to just one kind of snack. Grab this one and you’ll grab ’em all!

Available In
5.5 oz

What’s Inside

Gently roasted and lightly salted.

Roasted to perfection for a tasty crunch.

Chocolate Candies
Colorful candy shells coated in milk chocolate.

A naturally sweet treat.

Carefully selected and gently roasted.

Cherry-Flavored Cranberries
Dried and sliced cranberries with a strong cherry flavor.

Sweet 'n Salty Select Nutrition

Sweet 'n Salty Select Ingredients