Nut ‘n Berry

nut 'n berry mixThere’s tons of powerful — and powerfully tasty — stuff in Kar’s Nut ‘n Berry Mix. Gently roasted peanuts, almonds and kernels kiss the dried cranberries and raisins to first get your mouth watering, then provide a steady current to your energy center. Kar’s Nut ‘n Berry Mix gives you the protein, calcium, iron and fiber you need, without the added salt. So, grab a handful for natural long-lasting energy to keep you going.

Available In
30 oz and 13.25 oz resealable pouches

What’s Inside?

Gently roasted.

A naturally sweet.

Sunflower Kernels
Perfectly crunchy with no salt.

Dried Cranberries
A delightfully sweet and subtly tart berry.

Roasted to perfection.

Nut 'n Berry Nutrition

Nut 'n Berry Ingredients