Chocolate Cranberry Combo

chocolate cranberry comboThis is not your ordinary trail mix. It’s low in sodium, with a tangy-sweet orange flavored cranberry twist! There’s a ton of powerfully tasty stuff in Kar’s Chocolate Orange Cranberry Mix. Gently roasted nuts combine with fruit and chocolate drops to provide a jolt of both flavor and steady energy. So power on, friend, power on!

Available In
5.5 oz bag

What’s Inside

White Drops
Traditionally creamy with a pleasant balance of milk and sweetness

Bittersweet Chocolate Drops
Chocolaty goodness

Gently roasted and salted

A naturally sweet treat

Orange-Flavored Cranberries
Tangy and sweet

Carefully selected, roasted and salted

Roasted to perfection for a tasty crunch and dusted with salt

Chocolate Cranberry Combo Nutrition

Chocolate Cranberry Combo Ingredients