My Second Nature is Coffee

By Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin is sitting in his new midtown Detroit coffee shop, New Order Coffee Roasters, when we ask him what he loves so much about coffee.

“What I’m hoping is reflective in every detail is that coffee to me is a very energizing experience,” he says. The message is clear: New Order is a cheerful wake-up call and a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, with light wood, tons of natural light, and quirky items like balloon dog bookends.

Tyler comes by his caffeinated passion honestly: He’s been working in coffee since a teenage job at Starbucks. Behind the counter, his team at New Order takes its beans seriously—they’re even developing an on-demand custom roasting program. (As New Order says on its website, “We spend a silly amount of time perfecting our in-house roasts.”) But Tyler and Co. also want to break down some of the seriousness that can make artisan coffee intimidating. That’s why you can also get Cracker Jack lattes and mile-high baked goods packed with colorful cereal. Tyler says he’s always been drawn to interesting juxtapositions: He’s all about spending a lot of time, money and energy on beans, but he’s also game to spike a coffee drink with M&M ganache or apple pie-steeped milk.

“We’re very serious in what we do behind the counter,” he says. “But we’re not telling you that that’s the only way.”

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