My Second Nature is Seeing Barack or Beyoncé in Every Human

By Carlotta Tutt Holloway

“Everyone is dope to me. Some people may not have found their star power or gift, some may be lacking opportunity, others may not believe in themselves or have others in their lives that believe in them, but I always do. My second nature is seeing Barack or Beyoncé in every human.”

Carlotta Tutt Holloway, a natural at seeing people’s gifts, is full of star power herself. The stylish principal at True Root Marketing radiates joy and passion for her work. Carlotta is drawn to clients’ missions and messages, and she loves seeing clients grow into those messages over time.

“You have so many different conversations for months and months,” she said. “Then to see them activating toward that and see why you’ve pushed them in that direction and it makes sense to them. That’s pretty cool.”

Carlotta also works on huge branded entertainment projects, like the Latin Grammys and the Essence Music Festival, which she’s worked on for six years now. “It’s a whole lotta work, but I like that it’s very complex,” she said. “I like complex projects. It keeps me moving, keeps me tight.”

Through these events, she gets to see on fans faces—as they cheer and cry over Trey Songz and Usher—what all the months of work were for. “That’s my enjoyment, seeing other people go crazy, after you’ve put so much work into it,” she said.

Carlotta’s exemplars of awesome, Barack Obama and Beyoncé—African-American icons who she respects for having achieved a lot while remaining grounded—are excellent role models. But you don’t need to be a president or a superstar to be special in Carlotta’s eyes.

“I believe that we were all put here for a reason. I just see that everybody has something. It helps me treat people in a fair way and see people in a more beautiful light.”

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