What does “Sensible Snacking” mean to consumers? Let our Kar’s Nuts lovers tell you themselves!

sweet n salty
I don’t normally do this, but I need to tell you how much I love your “Sweet ‘n Salty Mix”. About 1.5 years ago I decided enough was enough and I had to lose some weight and get into shape. I started with a low carb diet and quickly started to get bored with it. After 3 weeks I began to allow some alternative foods into my day. The weight had started to come off slowly and I didn’t want to mess anything up. On my way to work was the row of snack machines that had called to me often. One day I stopped and saw your mix of nuts, raisins and yes even a little chocolate. I got a bag, calculated what I could “afford” calorie wise, and that began my love affair. An addition of this tasty treat to my breakfast routine removed my snacking desires. That was 1.5 years and 40 lbs ago. Just needed to say ‘thanks’ for a wonderful and healthy snack. — Ruth

nuts n berries
My name is Logan. My fiancé and I met in Spain just over two months ago and fell deeply into love. We couldn’t see ourselves spending any time apart, and so I spent most of my money on a plane ticket to bring her back to the States. Upon arrival, we realized we had no place to stay, and so I spent the last of my money on camping gear. We pitched our tent near Asheville, NC. Why am I telling you this? Well, if you’re still reading, you’re about to find out!

We went shopping for supplies at Ingles Market, where we purchased a bag of Kar’s Nut ‘n Berry Mix. We immediately fell in love all over again. In fact, the nuts were so good it nearly tore us apart! Little did we know, the best was yet to come. Upon purchasing our second and third big bag of yummy nuts ‘n berries, we discovered that cranberries were in the mix! Wow! If our relationship was in jeopardy before, then we had better be careful now (I’m only kidding)! In truth, your delicious product has only brought us closer. We share in hand-in-hand over yogurt, breakfast, lunch, or an after dinner snack. We enjoy your product 24/7. Since first purchasing this delicacy of a snack mix, we have not visited a supermarket without renewing our supply. We consider it part of our family. You have our ever growing — but never hungry — thanks. — Logan and Aran

sweet n salty
Every time I enter a gas station hungry I sigh at the thought of what choices may lay before me. Being a vegetarian and a habitual label reader, it’s difficult for me to find products that don’t require me to lower my standards of nutrition or flavor. Your truly “sensible snacks” have been my saving grace time and again. My most remarkable experience with your snacks actually occurred yesterday. I had my son with me at the gas station and gave him the opportunity to pick his breakfast. To my surprise and delight he returned with your Sweet ‘n Salty mix. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of chocolate in his breakfast, but as I read the nutritional facts I quickly realized this was far healthier than any donut or other outrageously sugary things he could have chosen. Thank you so much for providing my family with a delicious snack and for relieving my frustration over the ‘snack attack’. — Jessica

raisin almond cashew crunch
Yesterday I bought your Kar’s “Unsalted Raisin Almond Cashew Mix”. I can’t tell you enough how GREAT your product is. To be able to find a snack that has no salt or preservatives is almost impossible. I tried just one packet and absolutely loved every bite I took. The raisins were soft and chewy and had wonderful flavor. The nuts (almonds and cashews) were of highest quality and very fresh. Not the old and waxy kind you usually find in snack packs. It isn’t easy to find one product that can produce the quality, flavor, and nutrition that I have found with your product. Way to go KARS! I would recommend this product to all my family and friends. Keep up the great work and continue to produce one of the best natural nature snacks I’ve eaten in a very long time. In my book you’re the “BEST”. — Mary

unsalted cashews
I bought 2 bags of your Kar’s Nuts today at the Philadelphia airport; Unsalted Cashews and Unsalted Raisin Almond Cashew mix. All were delicious! Helped get me through a 2-hour delay and long flight to San Francisco. The recloseable bag is also a great idea! Thanks again! — Miles