How We Make Our Snacks

Roasting Lines

Kar’s roasting lines treat each nut with care, gently roasting each nut to perfection. Our oil filtering and control systems lock in consistent color, taste and seasoning — and no hydrogenated oils or trans-fats.

roasting lines

Blending Lines

Kar’s mixing and blending lines incorporate advanced technology to ensure the highest level of mix accuracy, consistency and integrity. From coast to coast, from 100 calorie snacks to large re-sealable pouches, consumers get the same ‘just right’ blend of ingredients and seasonings in every package.

blending lines

Package Lines

Kar’s high volume packaging lines provide unsurpassed accuracy, consistent seals and appearance. Our packaging capabilities allow for tremendous flexibility in both package sizes and configurations; from 100 calorie snack bags to large multi-pack cartons to zipper pouches.

packaging lines