Food Safety & Quality

2018 SQF Certified

Kar’s Nuts continues to be a recognized leader nationally in food safety and quality. SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) is today’s leading global food safety and quality certification program and management system. Kar’s excellent rating of SQF is certified by NSF International.

All key internal programs and procedures are monitored and graded for:

  • Administrative & Regulatory Compliance
  • HACCP Management & Food Safety
  • Operational Methods & Personnel Practices
  • Food Defense
  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Pest Control
  • Quality Management System

SQF quality control and trending systems continually check for:

  • Metal detection
  • Packaging integrity of seals, code date, labels, etc.
  • Mix ratio
  • Weight control
  • Oxygen level
  • Burst point strength
  • Environmental Monitoring

With SQF certification, consumers are assured to receive safe products from a food manufacturer that out-performs industry standards for quality and food safety. To read more about SQF certification methods visit www.sqfi.com.

Kosher Certification

kosher certificationAll Kar’s and Second Nature brand nuts and mixes are kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

“We have always taken pride in producing high quality, wholesome nut and snack mixes. Having the Kosher certification further affirms our own belief in our products, and opens our brands up to a new consumer base as well.”
Nick Nicolay, President of Kar’s Nuts

For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has set the bar for the highest standards of kosher certification. Today, the OU supervises hundreds of thousands of product in more than 90 countries throughout the world. Accepted globally, OU Kosher is the clear leader in global kosher certification. To read more about kosher certification visit www.oukosher.org.